Comprehensive Financial Protection

Credit Life Insurance, Income Protection, and Funeral Cover Tailored for Your Needs

Discover DCCP’s range of insurance solutions, including Credit Life Insurance, Income Protection, and Funeral Cover. Protect your financial future and ensure peace of mind with our tailored policies designed to meet your unique needs.





Credit Life Insurance:

DCCP’s Credit Life Insurance offers vital financial protection by covering the instalments of your credit agreements in case of emergencies, such as death, permanent or temporary disability, retrenchment, and severe illnesses. The National Credit Act requires credit agreements to be covered by credit life insurance, meaning you are likely paying for this insurance on almost all your credit agreements without even being aware of it. The premiums for this insurance are included in your monthly credit instalments and can often be very expensive, putting you at a disadvantage.

But here’s the good news: The law gives you the right to seek coverage elsewhere. By replacing your existing credit life insurance policies with a DCCP policy, you can enjoy the same benefits at a lower premium. This move can save you a significant amount of money each month.

Income Protection Cover:

Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income. The DCCP Income Protector helps you safeguard this crucial asset. There are three different options to choose from, designed to provide you with a monthly income in the event of:

  • Accident and illness
  • Unemployment/Inability to earn an income
  • Severe illnesses

This cover is not only beneficial for you but also ensures that you continue to receive an income when any of the above events occur.

Funeral Cover:

DCCP Funeral Cover pays a specified amount in the event of a death, ensuring that the costs of a funeral are covered so that family members do not have to struggle financially during this difficult time. DCCP has designed three options to choose from, specifically catering to the needs of debt counselling clients. This policy covers the client, their spouse, and up to 5 children.

It is essential for debt counselling clients to have funeral cover, not only to take care of themselves but also their loved ones, as the costs associated with the death of a loved one can cause the client to deviate from the debt counselling process.


We had a client who benefited from our credit life insurance and income protection. She received maternity benefits that paid her debt for 6 months. Additionally, she had an income protection policy that ensured a payout of R30,000, which was a great help to her. Each client’s circumstances will differ and are uniquely underwritten, as determined by the Terms and Conditions.