The Benefits of Exiting Debt Review (And How to Do It Right)

Debt review can be a tough but necessary process when your finances become overwhelming. While it has challenges, the rewards of completing a debt review and regaining financial independence can be substantial – if you exit the process in the right way.

How Can You Exit Debt Review?

There are two primary ways:

  • You canexit debt review without a court order if your debt counsellor hasn’t recommended over-indebtedness.
  • If they have,you can exit through court, proving you’re no longer over-indebted or have agreements with creditors.
  • To exit with a court order, all outstanding debts must be fully settled.Obtain a Form 19 clearance certificate. We can issue the Form 19, update your status, and remove your credit report from debt review status. We can also assist with prescription letters if applicable.

Your Partner in Responsible Exit: CS Clear

At CS Clear, we understand the importance of exiting debt review successfully. We can:

  • Issue your Form 19 certificate
  • Update your credit status accordingly
  • Help you obtain prescription letters where applicable

Remember: Only registered debt counsellors can issue the crucial Form 19.

Benefits of Debt Review Exit: Freedom and New Opportunities

Exiting debt review responsibly offers significant benefits:
  • Regaining Control: Manage your own finances and make independent decisions.
  • Rebuilding Your Credit Score: Clearing your debt opens doors to better credit ratings in the future.
  • Unlocking New Possibilities: Responsibly access loans or credit if needed – but with the lessons learned.
  • Improved Well-Being: Enjoy reduced financial stress and the mental health benefits that come with it.
The Importance of Guidance

Exiting debt review correctly is crucial to maximize these benefits. That’s where CS Clear’s expertise comes in. We’ll ensure the process is smooth and that you reap the full rewards of this fresh financial start.

Are you ready explore exiting debt review?

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Unlock Your Financial Freedom: Clear Your Debt Review Status

At CS Clear ITC Clearance, we know clearing your debt review status is key to the fresh start you deserve. Debt counselling works, and you’ve worked hard to regain control. Now, let us help you take the final step.

Our expert team will guide you through the ITC Clearance process, ensuring your debt review status is officially removed. Remember, only registered debt counsellors can do this – choose CS Clear ITC Clearance for trusted expertise.

Don’t let your past define your financial future. Contact us today and unlock the possibilities of a debt-free life.

Registered Debt Counsellor Bernidene Thieroff NCRDC 764

Registered Debt Counsellor:

Bernidene Thieroff


Registered with the National Credit Regulator: NCRDC764 Bernidene Thieroff